Workshops provide students with an experience that brings the real-world into the classroom. When using an Adobe Creative Cloud program, it's normal to run into operational obstacles as you create that awesome logo or find yourself wondering how to make your product photos look more professional. Working with our content, as well as student-generated content, together the class will experience first-hand how to be an efficient, multifaceted, digital designer. These classes are perfect for the working professional, self-learner, student, or future designer ahead of their time.


DIY Lighting: Portraits + Products

What is the utmost essential part of a good photograph? Lighting! This 6 hour course will cover the basics of manual camera exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. These three settings on your DSLR camera will allow you to take the best photograph possible according to the available light. We will use ambient, bounced and strobe lights to learn basic lighting compositions. We will break into groups and have in depth practice with these DIY and professional lighting techniques on people and products. We will also transfer some of the images onto computers and go over organizational basics.