Content Management Systems are the backbone of designing simple-to-build and easy-to-use websites. Not to mention, building a website using a CMS allows vibrant businesses the ability to create and maintain dynamic site with up-to-date news and information. Digital Bootcamp offers training in the most popular open-source systems including Drupal and Wordpress.


WordPress 1: Basic Training

More than just a way to blog, WordPress is a powerful content-publishing and management tool. As such, it has more powerful back end that gives authors full control over how their blog looks and how their content is presented. You'll learn how to set up your site and the basics of design, how to add photos, video and sound. You'll also learn how to set up your blog for multiple users.

This is an introductory class, no previous experience required!


WordPress 2: Intermediate Training

Want customization? You got it. How about the ability to modify the various elements of the site? It's yours if you take this course. With Wordpress, the possibilities are endless. You'll learn how to choose and modify themes to suit your needs. You'll discover the wide world of plug-ins and how they can enhance a user's experience and functionality of your site. You'll also learn about PHP, the language that controls your blog's dynamic content.

Before enrolling in this class, students should have a general understanding of working with WordPress.


WordPress 3: Advanced Training

It's time to put your WordPress skills to your work and make your site do what you want it to. We'll dig deep into themes and templates, learn about WordPress hooks and actions, and gain a better understanding of PHP for WordPress. We'll practice customizing our content with custom content types, and learn how to display that content anyway we want.

Before enrolling in this class, students should have confidence working with WordPress and be prepared to jump into more in-depth parts of WordPress.