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The Future Is Yours

As long as the electricity stays on, the future is all yours. In the past, amateurs of all stripes needed to be versed in bibliography, scientific method, the ins-and-outs of various technological apparatuses, and good old fashioned dedication. But new technologies are keeping the sweat off the amateur’s brow. There’s the iPad, with its surprising, in-depth astronomy app Star Walk or The Elements: A Visual Exploration, whose sheer depth and beauty could turn anyone into a fanatic of atomic intricacy. Google’s Christmas wish is that all information should be free to anybody, not to mention fast. People can hardly remember a time before Google’s Instant Results feature was added, a service which made the search engine amusing and effective. More recently, Google teamed up with the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics to explore the “cultural genome” via the Google Books Ngram Viewer, a tool which lets interested users discover how words and phrases have changed over time. And Christmas keeps on coming. Google will soon release the 3D Body Browser, which lets you not only peel away the layers of your anatomy (okay, not yours), but also gives you the names of all those little parts you never thought about before. Information is becoming more ubiquitous. Your task is to learn how to deploy it, lest life become one long game of Trivial Pursuit. And that’s where the fun begins. Learn deeper.

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  • Dec 20, 2010
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