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New Years Resolution For The Irresolute

You’ve done it before. Made a resolution and then promptly forgot it. Well, scientists have discovered that the problem is you never told the world about it. Sure, maybe you let a few friends or stuffed animals know, but they suck at keeping resolutions, too. So we’ve solved that problem for you with technology. That’s right, Digital Bootcamp has teamed up with the Chicago Portfolio School to help you generate a fine resolution, one which you can share on Facebook so that the entire planet can know what it is you’ve resolved. And it couldn’t be easier. Visit and answer three insightful questions about yourself. Best of all, it’s so simple you don’t need any computer training to figure it out. Happy New Year. Love, Digital Bootcamp.

Social Media Is Far More Than Like Or Dislike

Social Media is like a tiny mouth on a big head. What people say on it matters very little, but it sure does take up a lot of valuable space. How are companies supposed to take part? You can’t just join a social network and expect your loyal brand followers to find you. You have to be relevant, targeted, full of good stuff. Think of this: Recent studies on flavor-of-the-year Twitter have shown that people join it because it’s free, and they really only use it to follow people they like. It’s where people are starting to get their news and start their trends. The average number of Tweets per Twitter user? One. Also, 10% of the total Twitter users send 90% of the Tweets. Puts it in perspective. If you’re a company, you must strategize your social media outlets. Learn more from Digital Bootcamp.

Flash Is Far From Dead

You’ve heard the rumors: Flash is dead or dying. Not so. The 15-year-old interactive graphics program is only getting stronger. Consider video: not only is Flash capable of delivering web-based video, it can support the complex delivery systems required by media giants like YouTube and Vimeo. According to a report from YouTube, there is more to video than meets the eye.